Virtual Pre-K

TLC Virtual Academy’s Virtual Pre-K program is designed for young learners.

This program will ensure your child is ready for the next major milestone – kindergarten. The foundation we build for learning is very important which is why our programs for preschoolers are focused on having fun while learning, building social skills, and kindergarten preparation.

What does our Virtual Pre-K include?

Our programs include a part-time, 3 times per week schedule or a full time 5 times per week schedule. Our teachers will have daily contact with your child depending on the program you select. We will provide access to high-quality instructional materials – either printed or online. Class size will not exceed 10 children with a 10:1 ratio.

Synchronous Learning

Each child will have the opportunity to participate in live classes (synchronous learning) at least once per day.

Each class will be 20-25 minutes in length with the option to attend 2 – 3 live classes per day.

Asynchronous Learning

In addition to synchronous learning, children will have access to recorded classes/lessons planned by the teacher and require assistance from an adult at home (asynchronous learning).

Asynchronous learning length will be determined based on the pre-k program selected. The length will be from 20 minutes up to 60 minutes per day, with 20-minute increments.

Interested in enrolling in our Virtual Pre-K?