About Us

Tender Loving Care (TLC) Virtual Academy was established to provide more opportunity in learning.

Personalized Virtual Learning Programs

TLC Virtual Academy is Here to Help

Regardless of your reasons for virtual learning, or the level of support you need, TLC Virtual Academy is ready to support you. Our unique personalized approach to virtual education will help students thrive and achieve their academic goals.

We offer unlimited support to our students, the flexibility they need to learn, and a learning plan to help them succeed.

Not All Virtual Learners Are Alike

You have a unique home, a unique set of circumstances, and children who are each extraordinary in their own way. That means you need a personalized virtual learning program that is as unique as you are.

“I am constantly amazed at how meticulously and wonderfully we are made. Our design impacts who we are, how we learn, what we believe, and how we process information. And when we can better understand ourselves and others, we are better prepared to motivate and engage with others.”
– Annika T. D’Andrea, CEO

What We Believe

Our Mission

Empower students to reach their highest academic potential and provide parents with the best tools to help their child succeed.

Our Vision

Transform the future of virtual learning with patience, compassion and collaboration

Our Beliefs

We believe that every learner is unique and requires a unique approach to learning

We believe that there should be flexibility in learning and every student with the right tools can reach their highest academic potential

We believe that a well-rounded educational experience will enhance personal growth and development

We believe that a strong partnership between students, teachers and parents will produce the best learning experience

Meet Our Leadership Team

Our leadership team is passionate about education and understands the importance of flexibility in learning. Our team works together to ensure your child receives the best virtual learning experience and are provided with all the tools to excel in their academic endeavors.

Annika T. D’Andrea, MBA

Annika D’Andrea, MBA is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TLC Virtual Academy. For the past 13 years, Annika has led multiple organizations and has inspired and motivated individuals to reach their highest potential. As a mom of three, Annika knows the importance of flexibility in learning, and understands that every student learns differently. She is very passionate about learning and education which has led to her opening multiple childcare and learning centers.

Annika is always eager to help others and constantly looking for new ways in which she can positively impact someone’s life.

Natalee Ruddock-Gorousingh, MS

Natalee is a business development and communications professional with over 10 years of experience. Her experience spans through finance, academic and health care organizations. Natalee is dedicated to learning and development, and strongly believes that “education is the passport to the future”.

When Natalee is not working, she enjoys spending quality time with her family.

Meet Our Educators

Our educators are passionate teachers who are experts in their field. They have extensive experience educating, and they enjoy teaching and inspiring children to succeed.

Leah Curran, MA

Natalee Ruddock-Gorousingh, MS

Brooke Falsion, BS

Jessica Niles, BS

Stephanie Ortiz, AS

Emily Petterelli, BS

Tammie Podlaski, AA

Shea O’Halloran, BA

Meet Our Tutors

Our tutors have a deep love admiration for teaching and helping others succeed.

Princess D’Andrea

Candidate for Bachelor’s degree, Forensic Science

Carey D’Andrea

Candidate for Bachelor’s degree, Psychology

Janelle Asandrov

Candidate for Bachelor’s degree, Environmental Science (Minors in English and Political  Science)

Advisory Board of Directors

Annika D’Andrea, MBA

Louis Asandrov, JD, LLM

Natalee Ruddock, MS