Online Homeschool

If you are interested in educating your child at home, TLC Virtual Academy can help.

We offer homeschool for kindergarten through high school with the same accreditation and accountability in-person learning offers. We offer a variety of learning plans customized to meet the needs of every family, from pre-recorded, self-paced classes to live interactive classes. We determine the needs of each student and create a personalized learning plan that provides the highest quality virtual learning experience.

Online schooling allows your child to learn at home, or wherever there’s an internet connection while enjoying the benefits and support of a school program. They’ll receive a high-quality education that’s tailored to their needs. Our curriculum provides challenging, engaging, and highly interactive courses.

What is a Typical Day in Online Homeschool?

We customize a curriculum that meets the needs of each family we serve. We will meet with each family to tailor a personalized learning plan that meets your child’s needs as well as your family’s needs. Our program adheres to state testing, school accountability, and attendance policies, just as brick-and-mortar schools do.

Depending on your needs, a typical day consists of:

Online lessons and interactive activities

Offline activities using provided materials

Role of Parents/Caregivers

Parents play a vital role in online homeschooling. As a parent, you will serve as a coach for your child. You will collaborate with your child’s teacher to help ensure adherence to attendance, monitor online lessons, and review your child’s work.

Younger students need considerable support from parents. As your child gets older, they will work more independently and parents may not be required to be as involved.

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