Our Programs

Our Programs

At TLC Virtual Academy, we know the importance of providing high-quality virtual education. We are passionate about learning and dedicated to curating customized virtual learning programs and curriculum that meet the needs of each student. Our programs cater to students from Pre-K through the 12th grade. They are customized for each family’s needs and also provide a rich online learning experience with the same accreditation and accountability in-person learning offers. Enjoy unlimited support, complete flexibility, and personalized programs.

Online Tutoring

This program is specially designed for our students who need that extra help. Our online tutoring provides customized one-on-one support to students who need it. All of our instructors are experts in their field, so you will get the highest quality learning experience. Subject areas include Mathematics, Science, Writing, Reading, and Social Studies. Read More >

Virtual Pre-K

Designed for our young learners, this program will ensure your child is ready for the next major milestone – kindergarten. The foundation we build for learning is very important which is why our programs for preschoolers are focused on having fun while learning, building social skills, and kindergarten preparation. Read More >

Online Homeschool for K-12

We offer homeschool for kindergarten through high school with the same accreditation and accountability in-person learning offers. We offer a variety of learning plans customized to meet the needs of every family, from pre-recorded, self-paced classes to live interactive classes. We determine the needs of each student and create a personalized learning plan that provides the highest quality virtual learning experience. Read More >

Math & Science

TLC Virtual Academy Mathematics program is designed to give students both facility with mathematical problem solving as well as deep understanding of underlying mathematical concepts. The goal is for students to do more than get the “right” answer by memorizing a computational technique. The teacher also wants to know the students’ strategies for arriving at their answers, to ensure that children understand the fundamentals of numbers systems and geometry.

Social Studies

Students enrolled at TLC Virtual Academy come to inhabit fully the study of history and culture; they design and build habitats from huts to hemispheres; they try on the roles and responsibilities of peoples as diverse as the African Masai and the Ancient Romans, experiencing what it feels like to be like them.

Who We Serve

Virtual Learners in 2020

The COVID crisis has created so much uncertainty around what to expect for back to school 2020. TLC Virtual Academy can help ease the transition from learning at school to learning at home.

Mother and children around a laptop

Virtual Learning for International Families

If you reside outside of the United States of America and need a partner to enhance your child’s virtual education, you’re in the right place. Our programs can be used anywhere, and we serve both school and families worldwide. We are dedicated to helping our students excel – no matter where in the world they are.

Students With Learning Disabilities

Virtual learning is hard for many students and we understand the added hardship students with disabilities may face. Our computer-driven therapy program, combined with our customized curriculum, tailored to your child’s specific needs, has proven to reduce the hardship and make learning fun and engaging for students with learning disabilities.

Virtual Learning for Military Families

We are forever grateful to our military families. We know that ensuring your child receives high quality education is very important. This is why we have a dedicated team who specialize in helping our military families achieve their education goals no matter their location and commitments.