Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

TLC Virtual Academy welcomes students from all over the world. The programs we offer can be accessed from anywhere in the world and allows students to take courses in their native language. 

TLC Virtual Academy is very flexible — students can create their own schedule and work at their own pace. We offer recommendations based on our assessment on enrollment, but we make our programs very flexible and convenient.  

Students will need a computer with a mic/webcam and an internet connection that supports streaming. 

We use Zoom, a leader in video communications. It is easy to use and intuitive. It also allows our students to be on camera and engage with the teacher and other students for a rich online learning experience.  

Live online classes meet once per week. This makes it easy to create a schedule that works for most families. Classes are always recorded, so if your student misses a class, they can easily watch the recorded class to be back on track. 

Your child can take as many live online classes as they want. Please note, class schedules vary and can overlap, so please ensure to verify this before finalizing enrollment. 

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Tutoring FAQs

Some signs to look for to determine if your child needs a tutor include: difficulty getting started, sloppy homework, failing classes or a lack of interest in learning.  

A tutor can help your child by strengthening their academic skills, motivating them to complete assignments, helping with exam preparation, and building good study habits for academic success.

We tutor all grades: kindergarten through grade 12, plus adults. Our specialties include study skills, reading, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, elementary through advanced math, science, and more.  

Yes! We tutor ADHD students in all areas, we can help students with disabilities make great progress. 

Our unique approach to tutoring includes highly reliable assessments that evaluate strengths and weaknesses, and tailored tutoring programs that are unique to each child’s learning style. With this approach we give your child the best opportunity for results.